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J. Michaels is a lifelong student of the human mind and spirit.
His writing challenges popular beliefs and expresses the spiritual
in a unique storytelling style. His poetry is published in the
Musings of Mind and Spirit series and he is also author of the
novella Treasure of the Mind. In all, he has published 10 books.  
J also lectures, does readings, provides spiritual counseling and
guidance, and facilitates various workshops

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Tyler McShould

Old Tyler McShould

He was a proper old man

He had lived by regulation

Never took a stand

He saw truth

Passing him by

Yet he maintained as he should

He turned a passive eye

He thought maybe he should

Look deeper at his lot

Perhaps his mind was constricted

Perhaps it had turned to rot

He was a bit tired of pretending

That all was all right with him

He suffered a lack of absurdity

Straight-laced, from stern to stem

When he finished his life

They laid him out quite straight

All those conforming years

Made him unable to relate

To the living and the thinking

So he might as well just die

For without a mind to guide him

Life had passed him by

From Revenue Streams by J. Michaels - copyright 2011


                                     Praise for the Novella “Treasure of the Mind

 “Michaels has an unusually beautiful way with words.  He artfully combines equal doses of prose and
poetry to deliver an uncompromising ACIM-based spiritual message about the meaning of love and life.
The essence of the Course is captured and distilled in a clear, concise and minimalist way. I very much
liked Michaels’ lyrical poetry, which reads like a song on paper.  Somehow Michaels is able to make an
elegant point with the precision of a surgeon." - Reviewed on 11/18/09 by Karen Bentley,
America’s Spiritual Reviewer

 "Treasure of the Mind is a poignant read that should not be ignored." - Reviewed on 01/28/10 by
John Burroughs, Midwest Book Review

“While I was reading this book I went through a gamut of emotions and when I had finished many of
the pages were wet with my tears. I ‘recognized’ so much of what J. Michaels shared here.  This book
that J. Michaels has given us is simply a gentle, beautiful, artful illustration of the message of A Course
 in Miracles and I feel so blessed to have read it.” - Reviewed on 05/01/10 by Janaki Joy *Reja*
Green, Course in Miracles Society

                                                        Praise for “The Poet’s Quill

The Poet’s Quill is an inspirational uplifting book of poetry that will have readers aspiring to new goals.
With over 100 poems ranging in titles such as “One Soul To Save”, “Beauty By The Bay”, “I Want My
Perfection Back”, “Heaven’s Gate” and many more equally thought provoking, how can one not explore
the vast possibilities of this wonderful book of poems. The author, J. Michaels, has reached into the
depths of his soul and produced an amazing book that will touch readers’ hearts, minds, and souls.”   
Reviewed on 04/16/2010 by ReviewTheBook.com Member Angela Simmons

 “Reading each musing over a period of a few days I felt a resonance unlike others.  I encourage you
to read the works of J. Michaels and find the place within yourself that will take you to your truth.” 
Reviewed on 06/20/2010 by ReviewTheBook.com Member Irene Watson

Praise for The Illusion Warrior

“Sometimes Michaels writes with a grace-filled voice.  Sometimes it’s whimsical.  Other times, his voice
has an irreverent earthy tone. I recommend The Illusion Warrior to anyone on a spiritual path who has
an appetite for poetry.  Keep it on your nightstand and fill your mind with lovely thoughts before going
to sleep at night.” - Reviewed on 05/07/10 by Karen Bentley, America’s Spiritual Reviewer